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  • Welcome to Taj Medical Center website. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. I invite you to use this resource for your healthcare information needs. Taj is your Medical Center. We are here to serve you and your family and our goal is to have you think first of the Taj Medical Center, our Doctors and the services we provide when there is a healthcare need. .

    I am confident in the quality of services we provide at Taj Medical Center and I am especially proud of our Medical Center and medical staff who provide that care. Every day, we strive to be your local healthcare provider of choice when it comes to your healthcare needs. I welcome you to Taj Medical Center as a visitor, a patient, an applicant or an interested physician. I am confident that your experience with us will be a positive one.

    Thank you!,

    Ali Mohammed Zahrani


  • Thank you for choosing TAJ for your medical care. Your health, safety and well-being are our first priority. The ability to seek preventive and acute medical services close to home is essential for a healthy and growing community. We pride ourselves in being a quality polyclinic always close to you. Our mission at Taj Medical & Diagnostic center is to provide the residents of our area quality healthcare in support with state of the art equipments and affordable cost. Since 1992, we are providing best service to our patients in various medical fields. We're proud of how far we have come in serving our community, but we assure in continuous strive to improve even more. Our providers and employees pride themselves on the compassionate care we give to our patients.

    I truly hope you find our web site useful. You will find important information about TAJ, including Doctors directory and a list of services we provide. Please be assured, whenever you or a member of your family ever in need of our services, you will receive care from a highly skilled and compassionate team whose first concern is improvement of health. We want to exceed your expectations….now and all the time …


    Mohammed Cheriya Mohammed

    Operations Manager

  • Your visit today to our new and improved website gives you quicker, easier access to the information you’re searching for about the Taj Medical Center. Find details on clinical improvements, specialized treatments, expert physicians, new services, advanced technologies, classes, programs, events and much more. You’ll discover that the Taj Mecical Center is more than just a place to visit when you’re ill – we’re a trusted resource to help keep you and your family in the best of health year-round..


    Abdullah Al Shamrani

    G R O

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