TAJ GENERAL MEDICAL & DIAGNOSTIC CENTER has always thought that patients should understand medical terminologies and diseases thoroughly. For this it`s needed that they should get information in simple terms & in languages they can understand better. Consequent tothe idea, lots of brain- storming was done about how to get this in to practicality. Many modalities were looked in to. Overall the idea of making a Video talk was thought to be the best option. Video is what a person can see anytime. It would give information both in audio & video terms thereby making understanding more interesting. Subsequently, the idea grew in to further details & improvisations.. Deciding about the title was not easy either. Finally the idea developed into an appreciating theme. The idea that was seeded had blossomed into a beautiful tree - HEALTH AWARENESS WITH TAJ.

HEALTH AWARENESS WITH TAJ is a informative DVD with many distinctive features. It`s probably the first of the kind of activity in Jeddah. It gives you simpler & useful insight into the important medical conditions which can be harmful to the patient. Understanding them could help even a non-medical man know how to handle them - Be it a heart attack or injury. The DO`s & DONT`s have been highlighted. The pictorial presentation makes has it`s own impact. Our Doctors have presented the topics graciously. However, the biggest feature of the DVD is it`s presentation in many languages. This is very important for the expatriates working here. For Arabic people, it`s in Arabic. Almost all the major languages have been covered up. For some whose language is not included, it`s very likely they would understand in English or Arabic. Besides the graphics are there too. So, it`s a well thought over & implemented concept which we are sure would benefit you immensely. Hope you relish watching the DVD. Should you have any queries after watching the DVD, you are always welcome to come over to our clinic & discuss it out with our Doctors.

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